Monday, November 12, 2012

Updating and relaxing

Two new makeup bags. Love those floral prints. I got it on etsy 

I updated my shop with those bags :) You can find them and more here .

Just some photos from my weekend. It was really nice and relaxing. Spend some time at home and at the countryside. Though it is cold already it's soooo nice to light up the fireplace there and just relax, reed a good book (Divergent), do some stitching.

At the moment I'm sewing squares for my quilt :) It's far from good, but I'm not going to give up - I will finish it :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Makeup bags

I feel like sewing again :) Two very simple, but good looking makeup bags.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a few things

Just a few things I made at the end of summer. And now I'm looking for some ideas for Christmas gifts.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer and my Book Haul

At summer when it's hot I don't feel like sewing or cross stitching... That's why I have decided to stop posting my TUSAL's. I'm going to be honest I haven't made a single stitch in all this time. So  think I'll get back to that in autumn.

But so far I have been reading a lot of books this year. For a few years period I have read  very little, so because of that I thought it would be great if I could read 5 books this year. But you know what???? So far I have already read theoretically 15 books and practically 16. That is because here in Lithuania S. King "Lisey's Story" is in two separate volumes. So I have increased my goodreads challenge up to 25 books for 2012. If you want feel free to add me in goodreads

Also I have been watching a whole lot of booktubers. I have a few of my favorites, maybe I'll talk about them some time later (maybeeee).  Mostly I love to watch book hauls. So I'm going to show some of the book that I have bought this month.

So I got 4 books from a used book store only for about 8 euros (28 Lt). I was so happy because I found two Stephen King books that were already out of print. I collect S. king books:)

From the top: S. King "Graveyard Shift"
                        S. King "It" (volume II)
                        Joseph Howard "Damien"
                        Jefferey Eugenides "The Virgin Suicides"

And some books from the Bookdepository  for €24.06

And again Stephen King ''The Dark Tower:Wolves of the Calla'' (volume V)
                  Seth Grahame-Smith ''Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter''
                  Ransom Riggs ''Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children''

So much for my book and see you next time :) I'm off to a lake (it's 32°C outside). And I'm taking with me Lauren Kate's ''Torment'' (volume II).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TUSAL and Dora Doll

So here is another TUSAL post. Haven't filled the glass much, this month I didn't stitch as much as I had to. I'm really falling behind, not sure if I'll be on time for my bet. So here's the glass and my process.

BUT this month I made the Dora doll. So here she is :) I didn't like her at first, but the end result was good. The little girl really liked her new doll. She is sleeping with Dora and bringing her to the kindergarten. I'm really glad I could make a little girl so happy.

Also made a few makeup bags for my colleagues at work.

My boyfriend and I took up apartment gardening this year. This is my first time trying to grow something at home, so far I think that we need more practice:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TUSAL no.3 and Vitamin D

For last week or two I have been feeling really tired and was sleeping really bad... But I got myself together, started taking my vitamin D again (I forget to take it) and energy is building up again !

I need to get my energy back and start sewing again. Two of my bags were sold on so now I have to restock my shop again. I didn't think I would be so happy with my first sales, I was jumping around like crazy:D So in a way it's motivation to keep going.

I mentioned I had an idea about a black/linen collection, but it is still only in my head (maybe for winter?). For the past week I have been sewing a doll for my colleagues girl. I'm not sure if I'm going to show the doll here, because I not really like it that much.  I'll think about it.

My third TUSAL post and my progress the cross stitching. You can see the top of the whole work already! Yay!

And for the end a few more pictures from my previous stash.

Maybe you can see the difference in the pictures. That's because some of them are taken at home and some at my work. I can use a better camera there and a white background. I use Gimp for editing photos.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One more TUSAL post

I'm late with my TUSAL post, but finally I have time so here it is. It's not much, but this year I'm into reading (again) more than stitching. So here are some photos (sorry for not so good quality).

I made a bet with my boyfriend that I will finish this project in 3 months. Wish me luck ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some ideas and some photos

For the last days I have been doing some sewing, a lot of reading. I went to get a massage the other day. So nothing special, just ordinary and calm days.
I was really glad to get my first custom order this year. And I have already shipped it, looking forward for some feedback about the bag.

I have some ideas for creating a black collection incorporated with natural Lithuanian linen. Though it's all in my head at the moment. I need the start sketching, otherwise I'll forget most of the ideas (that happens a lot for me ;). This year I discovered that I really like making thing from linen. I will share some of my ideas soon.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. It is very strong and tends to wrinkle a lot, though after every washing it becomes softer. This fabric breathes and absorbs moisture. And the most important thing - linen is environmentally friendly!