Sunday, April 1, 2012

TUSAL no.3 and Vitamin D

For last week or two I have been feeling really tired and was sleeping really bad... But I got myself together, started taking my vitamin D again (I forget to take it) and energy is building up again !

I need to get my energy back and start sewing again. Two of my bags were sold on so now I have to restock my shop again. I didn't think I would be so happy with my first sales, I was jumping around like crazy:D So in a way it's motivation to keep going.

I mentioned I had an idea about a black/linen collection, but it is still only in my head (maybe for winter?). For the past week I have been sewing a doll for my colleagues girl. I'm not sure if I'm going to show the doll here, because I not really like it that much.  I'll think about it.

My third TUSAL post and my progress the cross stitching. You can see the top of the whole work already! Yay!

And for the end a few more pictures from my previous stash.

Maybe you can see the difference in the pictures. That's because some of them are taken at home and some at my work. I can use a better camera there and a white background. I use Gimp for editing photos.

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