Monday, November 12, 2012

Updating and relaxing

Two new makeup bags. Love those floral prints. I got it on etsy 

I updated my shop with those bags :) You can find them and more here .

Just some photos from my weekend. It was really nice and relaxing. Spend some time at home and at the countryside. Though it is cold already it's soooo nice to light up the fireplace there and just relax, reed a good book (Divergent), do some stitching.

At the moment I'm sewing squares for my quilt :) It's far from good, but I'm not going to give up - I will finish it :)


  1. Labai bus įdomu pažiūrėti tavo skiautinį!

  2. Jau kreivumas jo tai siaubingas :) Na bet uztat pasimokiau ir kita karta jau zinosiu ka daryt, kad butu viskas tiesu ir grazu:)