Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer and my Book Haul

At summer when it's hot I don't feel like sewing or cross stitching... That's why I have decided to stop posting my TUSAL's. I'm going to be honest I haven't made a single stitch in all this time. So  think I'll get back to that in autumn.

But so far I have been reading a lot of books this year. For a few years period I have read  very little, so because of that I thought it would be great if I could read 5 books this year. But you know what???? So far I have already read theoretically 15 books and practically 16. That is because here in Lithuania S. King "Lisey's Story" is in two separate volumes. So I have increased my goodreads challenge up to 25 books for 2012. If you want feel free to add me in goodreads

Also I have been watching a whole lot of booktubers. I have a few of my favorites, maybe I'll talk about them some time later (maybeeee).  Mostly I love to watch book hauls. So I'm going to show some of the book that I have bought this month.

So I got 4 books from a used book store only for about 8 euros (28 Lt). I was so happy because I found two Stephen King books that were already out of print. I collect S. king books:)

From the top: S. King "Graveyard Shift"
                        S. King "It" (volume II)
                        Joseph Howard "Damien"
                        Jefferey Eugenides "The Virgin Suicides"

And some books from the Bookdepository  for €24.06

And again Stephen King ''The Dark Tower:Wolves of the Calla'' (volume V)
                  Seth Grahame-Smith ''Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter''
                  Ransom Riggs ''Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children''

So much for my book and see you next time :) I'm off to a lake (it's 32°C outside). And I'm taking with me Lauren Kate's ''Torment'' (volume II).


  1. Kaip čia gražu :D ir autorius mano mėgiamas.

  2. Smagu, kad patinka:) O Kingas mano megstamiausias autorius, bandau surinkti visa jo kolekcija. Liko visai nedaug ir jau sunku susirinkti trukstamus numerius.